Nintendo Wii U Launch Games and More

Nintendo Reggie Fils-Aime said today during the Wii U press event that there will be over a whopping 50 Wii U Games released for the Wii U console during the 5 months of launch.

Also a great host of launch games including

  • ZombiU
  • NintendoLand
  • Rayman Legends
  • Toki Tori 2
  • Trine 2
  • Mass Effect 3: Special Edition
  • Nano Assault Neo
  • FIFA 13

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Nintendo Wii U Press Conference in Japan

This morning Nintendo held an official Nintendo Wii U press conference in Japan, where they revealed Japanese the release date for 8th December in Japan and tons more details, so lets take a look!

First of all price, It’s what everybody has been raving about and estimations have ranged from £199 to £399! But thankfully the high end guesses were a long way off and Iwata announced the price in Japan for the basic set to cost 26,250 yen (£209) and the premium set 31,500 yen (£251). To me this is a decent price considering the console is in line with the current generation consoles and when you get a gamepad tablet, which individually priced are 13,440 yen(£107), Now its is completely up to retailers in the UK as to how much they charge, here at we think the Wii U deals are going to cost £219.99 for Wii U basic and £259.99 for the Premium model!

Now you might be wondering what the difference is between premium and basic sets, now we dont know if these will be the same in the UK but here are the choices Japan has

Wii U Basic set
The basic set comes with an 8GB storage capacity, White Console, White Wii Gamepad, and a White Stylus

Wii U Premium Set
The Wii U Premium set comes with a 32GB storage capacity, Black Console, Black Wii Gamepad, Black Stylus, Console Stand, Gamepad Stand and Gamepad Charger.

The official Box Art for Wii U games was shown off with NintendoLand and Super Mario Bros U both being available at release

We will have to wait till a little bit later for the official EU and US details, the live conference starts at 3PM BST and we will bring you the latest news and updates!

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Nintendo Promise Wii U Price will be Right

Nintendo have promised that the release price of the Nintendo Wii U will be appealing and surprising

Satoru Iwata the Nintendo president has said that they wont repeat the pricing error of the 3DS. Saying that the launch price of the Wii U will be “appealing”. Satoru was speaking to a Japanese website Yomiuri Shimbun and was quoted “won’t make the same mistake that did with the 3DS, which was considered relatively high by consumers!”

The website also quotes that the console would cost 30000 Yen which is around £240 to manufacture, so with distribution costs on-top of that and then retailers profit the console is looking to be pushing to £300 mark. The Nintendo 3DS was slated for being priced to highly at £229.99 at release, but prices were dropped only a couple of months after poor sales figures.

As Nintendo rarely set the retail price for consoles its often left up to the retailers to set their own prices, has already been bold enough to set up its wii u pre-order page and priced it at £279.99, Amazon have a landing page

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A Closer look at Wii U Games from E3

So E3 has finished and many questions have been answered about the Wii U and we have been barraged by plenty of spectacular looking games that are coming to the Nintendo Wii U when it’s finally released later this year.

Project P-1oo

A cartoonist action game where the player controls a swarm of super heroes repelling an alien invasion, by combining there power together to transform into a devastating weapon! Using the touch screen you can power your super hero swarm to morph into a gun, sword, giant fist or even some sort of invincible green blob.

The aim of the game is to rescue the civilans around the game world who can then be turned into more heroes, unlocking new abilities along the way to solve puzzles and defeat the invading aliens!


A Zombie first person shooter game created by Ubisoft that cleverly uses many of the features on the the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad (the tablet). With the dual analogue sticks that have become a must for most modern day shooters the game feels natural even on the Wii U gamepad. The Gamepads touch screen is used to scan the surrounding area for vital supplies and useful equipment, managing your inventory on the fly as there is no pause screen is much more intense!

The single player entails a unique twist as if you ever get mutilated by a zombie he will become a zombie whilst you take control of another survivor where to get your supplies back you must defeat yourself!

ZombiU was the biggest faetured game as the Wii U E3 show and it is bound to be one of the bigger launch titles for the Nintendo Wii U, just take a look at this game play showcasing some of the features!

Make sure to check out the Nintendo Wii U tech specs that were officially announced at E3 2012 and also our Wii U Games page!

Nintendo Tease Three lauch Titles

As E3 grows nearer, Nintendo have been dropping exciting hints and getting the hype train rolling. An Official post on the Wii U facebook page was published yesterday which read “Guess what the initial game releases will be for Nintendo’s new home console, Wii U? Soon we’ll scratch off to reveal the names.” The post was followed up by three greyed out boxes.

Nintendo have done a brilliant job of keeping all their reveals pretty much secret, there is plenty of rumours floating around the web from people who apparently know some one on the inside. However, nobody really knows anything for certain, just that Nintendo will be showing off there Games for the Wii U and a fully functional console (hopefully). What everyone really wants to see from Nintendo is a strong launch line up with one solid franchise title, so a Zelda or Mario game perhaps. We will have to wait until next week on Tuesday for E3 to find out what they have in store for us!

According to SpikeTV host Geoff Keighley’s twitter, the Wii U wont support Epic’s Unreal 4 graphics engine and the console will be fighting an uphill battle against Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles. The Unreal Engine 4, suspected to be revealed next week at E3, will pave the way for the next generation of consoles and if Nintendo miss this it could greatly affect there sales and miss out on huge titles!

What games would you like to see on the Nintendo Wii U at launch?

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Wii U Games Leaked

Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell, Batman Arkham City, Darkside 2, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Just Dance 4 are some of the games that are rumoured for release on the Nintendo Wii U according to a leaked screenshot! The rumour comes from a screenshot that was apparently taken from a blockbuster system. This is potentially a very exciting prospect for the less casual gamers and these titles seem very appealing! A strong line up of games does wonders to helping a console achieve good sales. The images were first posted online from GoNintendo

Here is the full leaked list of games rumoured for release on the Wii U

  • Aliens Colonial Marines
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Darksiders 2
  • Assassins Creed
  • Dirt 3
  • New Super Marios Mii
  • Ninja Gaiden 3
  • Just Dance 4
  • Pikmin
  • Rabbids Part Lands
  • Raving Rabbids
  • Metro Last Light
  • Rayman Legends
  • Sports Connections
  • Tekken
  • Your Shape 2013
  • Splinter Cell
  • Shield Pose
  • Killer Freaks
  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • Zombie
  • F1:all Stars
  • Game Party
  • Ghost Recon

and breath…. A really impressive list of games, if even half of these turn out to be true then… wow the Wii U launch bundles are going to be insane! That’s a total of 24 rumoured launch games, that is unheard of! So when the Wii U hits in Q4 this year it’s going to be a gaming frenzy! Personally I am fairly upset not to see a new Zelda, Banjo Kazooie but I guess that is unlikely!
Many people believe the list to be completely bogus and is in fact just blockbusters just looking for some attention… yeah blockbusters does still exist!

Well some of the games have indeed already been confirmed for Wii U release, mainly the third party games check them out in the video below;

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Nintendo Wii U at E3

On the 5th to 7th of June we will all be sitting in front of our monitors watching tons of adverts waiting for the big Electronic Entertainment Expo reveals and showcases. We currently know a few of the items that will be taking the stage, including of course the Nintendo Wii U. And we are looking forward to seeing the final version and the software line up.

President Iwata of Nintendo said at the firm’s year end financial results briefing “We will showcase the final format, and discuss the details and the software line-up for this year at E3 2012, which will be held in Los Angeles in the United States in June this year.”

Nintendo have also expanded on its plans for games to be available for digital download on the release dates!

Rayman Legends Leaked

Despite Nintendo’s best efforts to keep all the details of the Wii U secret, a leaked trailer from Ubisoft showing off Rayman Legends has shown off a few of the consoles features. The trailer shows off some of the game play in the first few minutes and the graphics and visual are very impressive easily comparable to PS3 and XBOX 360. It then shows a group of players playing multiplayer together. While 3 players use the Wii controllers one player is able to use the Wii U Tablet controller to control the game in various ways.

Towards the end of the trailer we see one of the most unique features of the console so far. The Tablet controller was reacting to a multitude of objects placed on its screen and added different in-game buffs, and cool effects. The video since has been removed from Youtube so unfortunately we cant provide a link!

Nintendo have stated that we will still not find out the Wii U price. So as always this years E3 is going to be as exciting as ever and the build up towards the 5th of June day is guaranteed to be full of rumours, speculation and ideas!

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Wii U Prices Leaked

Sources in close contact with the manufacturing process of the Nintendo Wii Uhave revealed what they believe the Nintedno Wii U manufacturing costs No less than £190.

Forget The Box estimated that the materials to build the Nintendo Wii U console will cost approximately £120 and the manufacturing costs for the touch screen controller at £32.

This are just manufacturing prices but they do give a rough estimate of how much the console will go on sale for when its released later this year. These estimates undercut the original price predictions by a long way. Critics estimated at around £300 for the expensive looking console and tablet controller.

Perhaps learning from the mistake Nintendo make with the over priced release of the Nintendo 3DS which launched at £229.99 and sales were throttled until the price drop to £149.99 a few months later. Though none of the costs for the shipping, R&D, software, labour and plenty of other necessities were included in the estimated £190 so we are only a little wiser of what the final RRP will be.

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Wii U 2012 Console of Choice?

With the record breaking sales of the original Nintendo Wii in mind the Wii U is an increasingly exciting prospect of a console. Nintendo obviously were going to have to throw another curve ball in to the console market and with the screen style remote that resembles a tablet pc, it has sparked off a ton of speculations, rumours, hypes and criticisms. Lets take a look at some of the hype and rumours of the upcoming console

The Controller and Display

The Controller/tablet will play a major part in the upcoming titles. the tablet screen will allow certain games to play in 3D mode, or take an aerial birds eye view, bring up inventory menus, maps, or just extra information that will come in useful. Many of these design features will be up to the game developers and what it is they want to implement into their own games.

The controllers screen resolution is rumoured to be at 480p, a sensible choice as any higher the costs of such a controller would perhaps push the system to high to compete with other consoles. But also because the 6.2 inch screen means that any higher resolutions will be a minor difference and the tablet screen will relay the TV screen perfectly.

The main screen or television set is said to have a maximum resolution of 1080p and uses a IBM Power multi-core microprocessor and is said that it give users “unrivalled features.” Although some developers have said that the device is better suited to 720p. “The 720p resolution is best suited for these titles to have a smooth frame rate, in addition to the sub screen.”

Confirmed Games

This Week Darksiders 2 was confirmed as one of the launch games for the Wii U. It wont be a straight port however, lead game designer Hayden Dalton said that a small team will be ensuring that the game will make use of the wii U’s touch screen controller. he concluded by saying “We’re not heavily changing the core game to support the control system, but the control system will be an enhancement of the core game.”

With the game set for release “This Fall” this Years E3 will most likely be showing off the Wii U in its almost complete state with the hardware that will be ready for release.

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Wii U Price Rumours

The last couple of days the mist over the price of Nintendo’s latest console the Wii U has been stirring. Claims that they received a report from a trusted source stating that the Wii U will cost $299 in US, €299 in Europe and ¥20000 in Japan. This seems like a very good price for a new console considering the latest Playstation handheld, the Vita, costs around the same price. The main competition for the Wii U when its released later this year will be the XBOX 360 and PS3 with both costing between £150-200 the Wii U surely wont be a too expensive option.

The rumours did cease just at hardware and there has been no reports stating the prices of software for the Wii U but with Nintendo keeping the hardware prices competitive it would be foolish of them not to keep the software competitive also. They will most likely stick to the common retail price of £39.99 – £44.99 if they want to keep gamers interested and sell more consoles.

3D Confirmed

3D has been confirmed for the Wii U and the patent details that the 3D would indeed be glasses free much like the popular 3DS Console. Although it was said that this is unlikely to be available on release it may well come later on. There was also rumours circulating that the tablet would sport a 1080p HD display too but we’re not to sure about this as the price of the console surely would be much higher than the rumoured costs of £250.

Tell us what you think about these rumours and if you think £250 is a good price for the Nintendo Wii U!

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